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Setting up a new Xamarin.Forms cross platform project

  1. File > New Project > New Blank App (Xamarin.Forms Portable).
  2. Add nuget package Caliburn.Micro to the .Droid, .iOS and .WindowsPhone projects.
  3. Add nuget package Caliburn.Micro.Xamarin.Forms to all projects.
  4. Create the Views and ViewModels folders to the Portable class library..
  5. Add new class HomeViewModel to the ViewModels folder.
  6. Add new Forms (Xaml Page) HomeView to the Views folder.
  7. Inherit App from FormsApplication and remove existing code.

Windows Phone (Silverlight)

  1. Remove all code from App.xaml.cs and App.xaml.
  2. Add new class Bootstrapper to the root folder.
  3. Add Bootstrapper as a resource to App.xaml.
  4. Replace LoadApplication in MainPage.xaml.


  1. Add new class Application.
  2. Replace LoadingApplication in MainActivity.


  1. Add new class CaliburnAppDelegate.
  2. Modify AppDelegate.