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1 parent 7594265 commit 356d4c267400f7dee4c2520ed7a790b7c89f0d8f @Elv22 Elv22 committed Mar 14, 2012
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  2. +9 −0 modules/skins/blizzard/misc.lua
@@ -7,6 +7,7 @@
*Minimap icons should now be skinned to match ElvUI. (Credit: Tomkuzyno)
*Add skin for Addon Control Panel (Credit: Camealion)
*Add an option under the skada skin section of the config to control the bar height of the individual bars.
+*Add skin for the Blizzard Guild Invite Frame.
[b]General Changes[/b]
*The World Map Alpha setting should properly change Opacity, it was working the opposite of how it was intended before. 100% Opacity means the frame is fully faded away now.
9 modules/skins/blizzard/misc.lua
@@ -388,6 +388,15 @@ local function LoadSkin()
_G["DropDownList"..i.."MenuBackdrop"]:SetTemplate("Default", true)
+ GuildInviteFrame:StripTextures()
+ GuildInviteFrame:SetTemplate('Transparent')
+ GuildInviteFrame:CreateShadow()
+ GuildInviteFrameLevel:Kill()
+ S:HandleButton(GuildInviteFrameJoinButton)
+ S:HandleButton(GuildInviteFrameDeclineButton)
+ GuildInviteFrame:Height(125)
+ GuildInviteFrame.SetHeight = E.noop
S:RegisterSkin('ElvUI', LoadSkin)

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