Sample generation and result analysis for a household survey on outdoor water efficiency.
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Outdoor Water Efficiency Survey

A household survey in Southern California to estimate current outdoor water use habits, environmental attitudes, and penetration rates of different landscaping types.

This project is a CaDC collaborative project between CivicSpark, and participating utilities including the Santa Ana Watershed Project Authority (SAWPA), the Inland Empire Utilities Agency (IEUA) and the Eastern Municipal Water District (EMWD).

CivicSpark Fellows

CaDC Staff ( Team ARGO )

  • Patrick Atwater
  • Christopher Tull


Survey Sample Generation

Code to generate the survey sample is located in the notebooks/create_sample file.

Data Sources

All shapefiles have been reprojected to EPSG 3310 using a process like the following in PostGIS:

--After loading shapefile, set the current column projection
SELECT UpdateGeometrySRID('census_blockgroup_polygons_2016', 'geom', 4269);

ALTER TABLE census_blockgroup_polygons_2016 ADD COLUMN geom_3310 geometry(MultiPolygon,3310);

UPDATE census_blockgroup_polygons_2016 SET geom_3310 = ST_Transform(geom, 3310)
WHERE ST_SRID(geom) = 4269;