Explore spatiotemporal patterns in efficiency across different standards for residential water use
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CaDC Efficiency Explorer

The Governor's May 16 Executive Order (B-37-16) calls for the development of water use targets customized to the unique conditions of each urban water district as part of a new, permanent efficiency framework. The CaDC Efficiency Explorer is an interactive dashboard that provides insight and decision-support to policy makers involved in setting efficiency standards as well as to water managers managing within them.

This is an open project of the California Data Collaborative coalition of water utilities and multidisciplinary partnerships powered by ARGO.

In Action

The video here demonstrates the Efficiency Explorer's functionality at an inter-water district level and at an intra-water district level.

How do I get set up?

Minimum Requirements

The minimum requirements to run an Efficiency Explorer are this repo and a carto account to host geometry and attribute tables. See js/ss_config_example.js for required attribute table columns.

Once you have hosted your data on carto, copy "js/ss_config_example.js" to "js/ss_config.js" and update this new file with your specific configuration information (carto account name, table names, column names, etc.).

Contributing and Additional Information

  • To contribute to this project, please visit the efficiency-tool issues page
  • For non-contribution related tool-specific questions, reach out to david@argolabs.org
  • For more information about the CaDC (including joining), reach out to info@californiadatacollaborative.com