A curated list of free/libre plugins, scripts and add-ons for Godot
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Awesome Godot Awesome

A curated list of free/libre games, plugins, add-ons and scripts for Godot.


Games that use Godot.


  • ANSiTURE - Adventure platformer using only text-based (DOS ANSI) characters.
  • Blipshift - Simple top-down moving platforms game.
  • BlockPop - A simple Breakout clone.
  • Bombs - Simple mobile game. You need to touch bombs to defuse them.
  • Breakable - A breakout-like game. Compatible with Godot 3.0.
  • Drone Commander - Command swarms of drones against aliens. Made for CGA JAM.
  • Captain Holetooth - Explorative platformer in a detailed world. Geared towards younger players.
  • Dolphin Island 2 - Platformer game made for the A Game By It's Cover 2015 Game Jam.
  • DynaDungeons - Bomberman clone in a fantasy universe.
  • Kraken-Rampage - Ludum Dare 33 entry made in 48 hours.
  • Libre Pinball - A pinball game.
  • Memory Game - Simple Memory game.
  • Minehunter - A Minesweeper clone.
  • Minilens - Free puzzle platform game.
  • Mountain of Hope - Game made on Theater Game Jam (PGA 2015)
  • Ninja-Training - Small running game done as 1 hour challenge.
  • No hope - Ludum Dare 33 entry made in 48 hours.
  • Planet Rider - 2D physics parkour game in an alien environment.
  • Platshoot - A 2D shooter game.
  • Ringed - Top-down shooter with extensive usage of light effects.
  • Tanks of Freedom - Free turn-based isometric strategy game.
  • Three Hungry Mice - Breakout game with mice made for the Godot Engine Jam of March 2016.


  • Cheese Hunter - A game for Godot Engine Jam of March 2016.
  • MouseBoat - Play as a mouse and sail around a pond. Cast your rod and try to catch some fish.
  • Veraball - Free "roll the ball" game. Collect coins and reach the finish, without falling out of the level.


Demos to learn GDScript, its concepts, and various game features.


Themes for your Godot games or user interface.


Stuff integrated into Godot core (C++).

Plugins and scripts

Scripts that let you do new stuff, or enhance Godot functionality.

GDScript syntax highlighting

Add-ons for text editors that add syntax highlighting to GDscript.

Godot script editor syntax themes

Alternative themes for the built-in script editor.

Unofficial Godot builds

Those builds will let you use recent versions of Godot Git, but they may be less stable than official ones – use at your own risk.


Other stuff.

  • gd-com npm package - Communicate with Godot clients using Node.js.
  • godot.sh - Script that automatically downloads and launches latest version of Godot, or compiles and launches the Git master branch.
  • godot-wrapper - Script that helps Debian and Ubuntu users install and use Godot.
  • joystick-mapping - Tool to generate gamepad mappings for all supported platforms.
  • replicate-file.sh - Script to update copies of a file with one master file.
  • strip-to-frames.pl - Perl script to split a grid spritesheet image into numbered individual frame files.