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Escape Space


A top-down game featuring Pong, Breakout and pinball mechanics.

You land on a space station and must complete several objectives before you can exit.

To win, push comets into goals and destroy all bricks in each level. Escape space before time runs out, or the shuttle will leave without you!

Created using Godot Engine and open source software (GIMP, Audacity, Fedora).

Try it out

Binary release

Download a binary release from the Releases page.

Run from source

Clone the Git repository:

git clone

You can also download a ZIP archive if you don't have Git installed.

You need Godot 3.2 beta 5 or newer to run this project from source.

Once you have the project files, open the Godot Project Manager, click the Import button, then select the project.godot file of this project. Confirm importing, then edit the project (so that the resources are imported by the editor). You can then run the project by pressing F5.


  • W/S/A/D: Move forwards/backwards/left/right
  • Space: Move upwards
  • Left Shift: Move downwards
  • Right Mouse Button: Speed modifier (effective when held)
  • Mouse Wheel: Change movement speed (always effective)
  • Escape: Toggle menu
  • F1: Toggle FPS display
  • F3: Toggle frame time graph
  • F10: Toggle mouse capture
  • F11 or Alt + Enter: Toggle fullscreen


Copyright © 2017-2020 Hugo Locurcio and contributors

  • Unless otherwise specified, files in this repository are licensed under the MIT license. See for more information.
  • Assets are licensed under various free culture licenses. See for more information.