Simple item textures for QuakeWorld clients such as ezQuake
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Simple items for QuakeWorld

Simple item textures for QuakeWorld clients such as ezQuake.

  • Modern, minimalist design.
  • High-resolution (512×512), making simple items look crisp at any distance.
  • Optimized for higher display resolutions (1600×900 and higher).
  • Created using Inkscape; SVG sources are available in this repository.


Preview on aerowalk Preview on dm4ish


  1. Download the PK3 file.
  2. Place quakeworld-simple-items.pk3 into the qw/ folder of your ezQuake installation.
  3. Start ezQuake, then frag away!


Copyright © 2018 Hugo Locurcio and contributors

Files in this repository are licensed under CC0 1.0 Universal, see for more information.