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zxing (Zebra Crossing) ported directly to Go.
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This is a direct port of the Java version of zxing into Go.

Most of the logic is 1-1, apart from some idiomatic or language-specific conversions, such as exceptions being replaced by errors as return types.

Other than that, this should be functionally equivalent, at least where it counts. It's not yet complete, but I'm hoping to have most of the grunt work done in a couple of weeks (manually translating statements into idiomatic Go can be tough).

Additionally, it should be noted that functionally, none of this is code that I've written - I'm simply porting the code over into a different language. Therefore, you can yell at me for mistakes, but all praise should be directed to the wonderful people who wrote this library. Also, all copyrights are retained by them under the Apache License 2.0, as described in COPYING.

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