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Made discussion of pynt more prominent.

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@@ -11,6 +11,17 @@ Features
* Manages dependancies between tasks.
* Automatically generates a command line interface.
+Related projects
+Check out pynt_, microbuild's beefier younger brother. `Raghunandan Rao <>`_ has extended microbuild, adding features including:
+* Rake style parameter passing to tasks.
+* Running tasks by typing the first few characters.
+* Breaking up script into modules.
+.. _pynt:
@@ -113,13 +124,8 @@ epydoc_ is used for documentation generation and unittest_ for tests.
Run `` apidoc`` to generate documentation and `` test`` to run all unit
-`Raghunandan Rao <>`_ has made some great contributions, including
-Rake style parameter passing to tasks and running tasks by typing the first few characters.
-You can check these out at the pynt_ fork.
.. _epydoc:
.. _unittest:
-.. _pynt:

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