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This package provides Coq syntax highlighting and an interactive coqtop plugin for Coq in Sublime Text 3 & 4. The plugin supports Coq versions 8.5 to 8.15. (It may also support higher versions, but as of this writing 8.15 is the latest.)

I have been maintaining this plugin since 2014. It has some advantages and disadvantages compared to the community-supported Coq plugin that you will find in Sublime's Package Control. The main advantage is that Coq processing happens off the main thread, making the plugin much snappier. I also regularly test support for all the versions of Coq this plugin claims to support.


There is a different sublime-coq plugin in Package Control. That is NOT this one. This one is different.

cd 'sublime-text-folder/Packages'
git clone

You can find the sublime-text-folder/Packages folder from Sublime Text by going to Preferences -> Browse Packages.

NOTE: This plugin expects to be in a folder named sublime-coq-plugin in your packages folder. The plugin will still work if you rename the folder, but the menu entries to open the settings and keyboard mappings may not work properly.

You may need to tell the plugin where to find Coq on your system. Modify your plugin-specific user settings (Preferences -> Package Settings -> CoqInteractive -> Settings--User). You should copy and modify settings from the default file (Preferences -> Package Settings -> CoqInteractive -> Settings--Default).


ctrl+enter: evaluate to (or rewind to) the current cursor
shift+ctrl+k: kill coqtop

Known Issues / TODO

  • Custom notations using the . symbol cause problems
  • I have no idea what happens if you duplicate the view in which you are interacting with Coq
  • Behavior is weird and undefined when the file you are interacting with is re-loaded because it changed on disk
  • Sublime Text 2 is not supported (and never will be)
  • The current goal takes a long time to display when there are many goals, even if the current goal is very small


Syntax highlighting and Coq interactivity for Sublime Text 3







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