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Calysto Prolog

Because Calysto Prolog uses MetaKernel, it has a fully-supported set of "magics"---meta-commands for additional functionality. See all of the MetaKernel Magics.


You can install Calysto Prolog in two steps:

pip3 install --upgrade calysto_prolog

OR in the system kernel folder with:

sudo pip3 install --upgrade calysto_prolog

Then, you need to install the kernelspec:

python3 -m calysto_prolog install

Add --user to the above commands to put in your private environment.


Use Calysto Prolog in the console, qtconsole, or notebook:

jupyter console --kernel calysto_prolog
jupyter qtconsole --kernel calysto_prolog
jupyter notebook --kernel calysto_prolog

Example Facts

    mother_child(trude, sally).
    father_child(tom, sally).
    father_child(tom, erica).
    father_child(mike, tom).
    sibling(X, Y)      :- parent_child(Z, X), parent_child(Z, Y).
    parent_child(X, Y) :- father_child(X, Y).
    parent_child(X, Y) :- mother_child(X, Y).

Example Queries

    sibling(sally, erica)?
    father_child(Father, Child)?


  • Jupyter
  • Python2 or Python3
  • metakernel (installed automatically)