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A console notebook player

Ths is a console/terminal program for running a Jupyter notebook.

You start it up by specifying a notebook file:

$ nbplayer conx-notebooks/MNIST.ipynb 
nbplayer 0.0.0: type `help` or `?` to see commands

The first cell of the notebook will show in the In[0] area, followed by the nbplayer prompt:

Viewing: conx-notebooks/MNIST.ipynb

In [0]:

| # The MNIST Dataset
| In this notebook, we will create a neural network to recognize handwritt
| We will experiment with two different networks for this task. The first 
| Let's begin by reading in the MNIST dataset and printing a short descrip

MNIST.ipynb [0/84] > 

The prompt is composed of the name of the notebook, and the current cell/total cells.

If you press enter, then you will execute that cell (if it is code) and then go to the next cell.

In [1]:

>>> import conx as cx

MNIST.ipynb [1/84] > 

At the prompt, you can enter any of the following:

  • kernal language expressions or statements
  • empty line - execute current cell and advance
  • n - goto next cell (skip this cell)
  • p - goto previous cell
  • NUMBER - goto cell #
  • +AMOUNT - goto cell ahead, relative movement
  • -AMOUNT - goto cell previous, relative movement
  • --POSITION - from end
  • ! shell command - execute command at the operating system (client side)
  • q or ^d - quit nbplayer

Possible future options:

  • re search forward/reverse for cell with next match
  • run all code cells up to here
  • i - insert cell
  • d - delete cell
  • u - undo operation in stack
  • r - redo operation in stack
  • code - show only code (toggles on/off)