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The custom css styling for the book, in styles/custom.css do not play well with Firefox. I'd like to fix this asap.


Temporary fix:

.cell { width:800px; margin-left:180px !important; }

Let me know if this works


this works, but I'm worried about hardcoding 180px. Any particular reason 180?


what are your thoughts on:

       margin-left:20% !important;

this seems to work. Can you see any edge cases that might break it?


@CamDavidsonPilon This is weird:

54% actually shrinks the width in chrome (since the rest of the content is set to 800px) but works nicely on firefox. From just playing around with the left-margin, i found the distance of the content container and the content to be 180px (~175 but added that additional padding). Seems like to keep both browsers happy, we cant use dynamic width. Looks to me that the margin is being inherited on chrome, which is why hardcoding 180px defines the property on ff but doesnt affect chrome. This is working on both:

div.cell {
  width: 800px;
  margin-left: 16% !important;
  margin-right: auto;



I'm happy with that. I'll make the changes now. Thanks



@CamDavidsonPilon CamDavidsonPilon added a commit that referenced this issue Jun 4, 2013
@CamDavidsonPilon fixing issue #63 7251ab8

Time to close?
Protip: Having 'Fixes #63' in the commit message closes it too


so close. Yea I'm happy closing this. Thanks Kartik.

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