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CamFlow development Master Build Status CircleCI


If you simply wish to install CamFlow please visit here. The source code for the provenance userspace library is available here.

Build Status

Branch TravisCI CircleCI
master Master Build Status CircleCI
dev Dev Build Status CircleCI


The automated Travis script runs the following operation:


The automated CircleCI script runs the following operation:

  • perform kernel source code analysis;
  • generate report available in the /docs folder;
  • commit and push those reports.


The code is neither feature complete nor stable. We are working hard to improve this work, but it is an academic prototype. Do not hesitate to fork the repository or to report bugs.


sudo dnf groupinstall 'Development Tools'
sudo dnf install ncurses-devel cmake clang gcc-c++ wget git openssl-devel zlib ruby bison flex patch mosquitto
make prepare
make config # select relevant modules in security
make compile # patience, password will be asked during compilation
make install # patience, password will be asked during installation