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Relations supported by CamFlow

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As defined in #include<linux/provenance_types.h> string in configuration file and CLI Description
RL_UNKNOWN unknown unknown relation should not happen
RL_READ read read to inode
RL_READ_IOCTL read_ioctl ioctl read
RL_WRITE write write to inode
RL_WRITE_IOCTL write_ioctl ioctl write
RL_CLONE_MEM clone_mem memory copy on clone
RL_MSG_CREATE msg_create create msg
RL_SOCKET_CREATE socket_create create socket
RL_SOCKET_PAIR_CREATE socket_pair_create create socket pair
RL_INODE_CREATE inode_create create inode
RL_SETUID setuid setuid
RL_SETGID setpgid setpgid
RL_GETGID getpgid getpgid
RL_SH_WRITE sh_write writing to shared state
RL_PROC_WRITE memory_write writing to process memory
RL_BIND bind socket bind operation
RL_CONNECT connect socket connection operation
RL_CONNECT_UNIX_STREAM connect_unix_stream unix stream socket connection operation
RL_LISTEN listen socket listen operation
RL_ACCEPT accept socket accept operation
RL_OPEN open file open operation
RL_FILE_RCV file_rcv open file descriptor recevied through IPC
RL_FILE_LOCK file_lock represent file lock operation
RL_FILE_SIGIO file_sigio represent IO signal
RL_VERSION version_entity connect version of entity object
RL_MUNMAP munmap munmap operation
RL_SHMDT shmdt shmdt operation
RL_LINK link create a link
RL_RENAME rename rename inode
RL_UNLINK unlink delete a link
RL_SYMLINK symlink create a symlink
RL_SPLICE_IN splice_in pipe splice operation from in file
RL_SPLICE_OUT splice_out pipe splice operation to out file
RL_SETATTR setattr setattr operation
RL_SETATTR_INODE setattr_inode setattr operation
RL_ACCEPT_SOCKET accept_socket accept operation
RL_SETXATTR setxattr setxattr operation
RL_SETXATTR_INODE setxattr_inode setxattr operation
RL_RMVXATTR removexattr remove xattr operation
RL_RMVXATTR_INODE removexattr_inode remove xattr operation
RL_NAMED named connect path to inode
RL_ADDRESSED addressed connect address to inode
RL_EXEC exec exec operation
RL_EXEC_TASK exec_task exec operation
RL_PCK_CNT packet_content connect netwrok packet to its content
RL_CLONE clone clone operation
RL_VERSION_TASK version_activity connection two versions of an activity
RL_SEARCH search search operation on directory
RL_GETATTR getattr getattr operation
RL_GETXATTR getxattr getxattr operation
RL_GETXATTR_INODE getxattr_inode getxattr operation
RL_LSTXATTR listxattr listxattr operation
RL_READ_LINK read_link readlink operation
RL_MMAP_READ mmap_read mmap mounting with read perm
RL_MMAP_EXEC mmap_exec mmap mounting with exec perm
RL_MMAP_WRITE mmap_write mmap mounting with write perm
RL_MMAP_READ_PRIVATE mmap_read_private mmap private mounting with read perm
RL_MMAP_EXEC_PRIVATE mmap_exec_private mmap private mounting with exec perm
RL_MMAP_WRITE_PRIVATE mmap_write_private mmap private mounting with write perm
RL_SH_READ sh_read sh_read operation
RL_PROC_READ memory_read read from process memory
RL_SND send send over socket
RL_SND_PACKET send_packet connect socket to packet on send operation
RL_SND_UNIX send_unix send over unix socket
RL_SND_MSG send_msg send message
RL_SND_MSG_Q send_msg_queue send message to queue
RL_RCV receive receive socket operation
RL_RCV_PACKET receive_packet connect packet to socket on receive operation
RL_RCV_UNIX receive_unix receive on unix socket
RL_RCV_MSG receive_msg receive message
RL_RCV_MSG_Q receive_msg_queue receive message from queue
RL_PERM_READ perm_read check read permission
RL_PERM_WRITE perm_write check write permission
RL_PERM_EXEC perm_exec check exec permission
RL_PERM_APPEND perm_append check append permission
RL_TERMINATE_TASK terminate_task created when task data structure is freed
RL_TERMINATE_PROC terminate_proc created when cred data structure is freed
RL_FREED free created when an inode is freed
RL_ARG arg connect arg value to process
RL_ENV env connect env value to process
RL_LOG log connect string to task
RL_SH_ATTACH_READ sh_attach_read attach sh with read perm
RL_SH_ATTACH_WRITE sh_attach_write attach sh with write perm
RL_SH_CREATE_READ sh_create_read sh create with read perm
RL_SH_CREATE_WRITE sh_create_write sh create with write perm
RL_LOAD_FILE load_file load file into kernel
RL_RAN_ON ran_on task run on this machine
RL_LOAD_UNKNOWN load_unknown load file into kernel
RL_LOAD_FIRMWARE load_firmware load file into kernel
RL_LOAD_MODULE load_module load file into kernel
RL_LOAD_KEXEC_IMAGE load_kexec_image load file into kernel
RL_LOAD_KEXEC_INITRAMFS load_kexec_initramfs load file into kernel
RL_LOAD_POLICY load_policy load file into kernel
RL_LOAD_CERTIFICATE load_certificate load file into kernel
RL_LOAD_UNDEFINED load_undefined load file into kernel
RL_PTRACE_ATTACH ptrace_attach ptrace attach effect on memory
RL_PTRACE_READ ptrace_read ptrace read from mem
RL_PTRACE_ATTACH_TASK ptrace_attach_task write info via ptrace effect on task
RL_PTRACE_READ_TASK ptrace_read_task read info via ptrace effect on task
RL_PTRACE_TRACEME ptrace_traceme track ptrace_traceme
RL_DERIVED_DISC derived_disc disclosed type
RL_GENERATED_DISC generated_disc disclosed type
RL_USED_DISC used_disc disclosed type
RL_INFORMED_DISC informed_disc disclosed type
RL_INFLUENCED_DISC influenced_disc disclosed type
RL_ASSOCIATED_DISC associated_disc disclosed type