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As defined in #include<linux/provenance_types.h> String in configuration file and CLI Desciption
ENT_UNKNOWN unknown unkown node type should normally not appear
ENT_STR string simple string used for disclosed log
ACT_TASK task represent a thread from user space POV
ENT_INODE_UNKNOWN inode_unknown unknown inode type should normally not appear
ENT_INODE_LINK link link
ENT_INODE_FILE file standard file
ENT_INODE_DIRECTORY directory directory
ENT_INODE_CHAR char character device
ENT_INODE_BLOCK block block device
ENT_INODE_PIPE pipe pipe
ENT_INODE_SOCKET socket network socket
ENT_MSG msg msg as in IPC message passing
ENT_SHM shm shared memory
ENT_ADDR address network address
ENT_SB sb superblock
ENT_PATH path path associated with a file
ENT_DISC_ENTITY disc_entity descilosed node representing an entity
ENT_DISC_ACTIVITY disc_activity descilosed node representing an activity
ENT_DISC_AGENT disc_agent disclosed node representing an agent
ENT_MACHINE machine machine representing an agent
ENT_PACKET packet network packet
ENT_IATTR iattr inode attributes value
ENT_XATTR xattr extended attributes value
ENT_PCKCNT packet_content the content of network packet
ENT_ARG argv argument passed to a process
ENT_ENV envp environment parameter
ENT_PROC process_memory process memory