Getting started

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Creating new project

Choose File -> New -> Project:

Creating new project

Or File -> Open and choose a directory with your project files:

Open File or Project

Configuring project

Open settings dialog via menu or Ctrl + Alt + S hotkey:

Opening Settings

Open Languages & Frameworks -> Perl5:

Perl5 Project Settings

This is a main Perl5 settings page. Here you may find:

  1. Project settings, including interpreter, frameworks settings and a lot of other staff
  2. Module settings, see below
  3. List of known interpreters on your machine
  4. Button to add new interpreter

Click New... button. In opened directory choosing dialog you should select a bin directory where perl executable is located. Usually, this directory is already selected in opened dialog. Click Ok. (Mac users: due to the bug in Mac UI, you will be able to select files and directories. You must select containing directory, not perl itself. See #1404)

Configuring module

Now open your module settings:

Perl5 Module Settings

Here you may mark directories of your module as Libraries and framework roots if necessary. Just select a directory and click respective mark button.

To let Camelcade search for package files, you should mark your lib directory as a Perl5 libraries (what you are doing with -I parameter of Perl interpreter).

How should it look like

Configured project

If everything was done right, you'll see a similar picture:

  1. You lib directory with special icon and gray explanation
  2. Selected interpreter with default @INC directories


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