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APK Inspector Header

Find permissions and dependencies used by an Android application.


This project currently depends on APKTool. APKTool is an open source library that allows disassembly of APKs.

Follow the installation instructions on their website.

Install the other project dependencies with yarn.


Install the script globally with npm install -g and then run with the command with apki.

Otherwise run the script from the project directory with the command node index.js.


apki [option] <parameter>

option alias parameters description
--local-source -l string: path_to_apk path to local APK
--remote-source -r string: URL URL of remote source
--output-type -o [json], [text], [both] output file type
--console-output -c none print output to console
--specify-permission -x string: permission_name console log if permisison is found
--specify-dependency -y string: package_name console log if dependency is found
--permissions-only -p none only output permissions
--dependencies-only -d none only output dependencies
--version -v none Show version number
--help -h none Show help


  apki -r -x camera
  apki -l ./Downloads/myapk.apk -d
  node index.js


APK Inspector is under the MIT License.