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ArmA 3 | Australian Defence Force Mod (ADF) - Combat Data System (CDS)

  • TPW's CDS rewritten as a function library for modular and optimised use.

What does it do? (currently)

  • Automatically adds "ADF_Wrap_CDS" to players if they do not spawn with it.
  • Adds the ability to adjust the brightness of players night vision goggles. (fn_adjustNightVision, fn_controlNightVision)


  • Displays players azimuth. (fn_azimuth)
  • Potential for players goggles to dropout or disable depending on weather coniditions. (fn_effectiveness)
  • Display flicker. (fn_flicker)
  • Displays players position relative to sea level (fn_getASL)
  • Displays players GPS coordinates.
  • Displays players health (hitpoints and heart beat). (fn_returnHealth)
  • Displays players bullet speed and muzzle velocity. (fn_bulletSpeed)

To do list...

  • Add the ability to create objective markers through the map HUD.
  • Add the ability for the CDS to recieve the objective markers.
  • Add a proximity alert.
  • Add a function to return a players range from the object they're looking at.
  • Add a temperature function.
  • Add icons above infantry and vehicles depending on their side.
  • Add a function to display the players current velocity.
  • Add a manual HUD reset.
  • Add a menu to let the players decide on the features they want enabled/disabled.
  • Add an API for mission makers to force enable/disable features.