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CTF Tool Directory



Google Chrome or Firefox Dev Edition
Inspect​ ​element
Cookies​ ​-​ ​Chrome Edit​ ​this​ ​cookie or other browser equivalent
Browser Developer tools


Burpsuite - Web Proxy
SQLMap - Automated exploitation of SQL Injection Vulnerablities
NMap - Port Scanning


RequestBin - Receive requests
Shodan - IOT Search Engine

Binary​ ​Exploitation


strings - Print the strings of printable characters in files
ltrace - A library call tracer
ptrace - Process trace


pwntools - CTF framework and exploit development library
gdb-peda - Python Exploit Development Assistance for GDB
Binary​ ​Ninja or IDApro - Reversing Platforms
Hopper​ ​(64bit) - The macOS and Linux Disassembler
Java Decompilers - Java decompiler, many of these exist
Uncompyle2 - Python 2.7 Decompiler
x86 Instruction Set Reference


radare​2 - Unix-like reverse engineering framework and commandline tools
Angr - A binary analysis framework
Ropper - Build rop chains


Decryption - fast and automated cryptogram solver - Decoding tools
lantern - Cryptanalysis library for breaking classical ciphers
Factordb - Prime Factorisation
Pycrypto - Collection of hashing and encryption algorithms
CyberChef - Recipes for data manipulation


Crackstation - Pre-computed lookup tables to crack password hashes
hashcat - Hash Cracker
John The Ripper - Password Cracker

Extra - PDF password extraction
fcrackzip - Cracking encrypted ZIP archives


Binwalk - Firmware Analysis Tool
Foremost - Recover files using their headers
Stegsolve - Image steganography helper
Audacity - Sound editing
GIMP - GNU Image Manipulation Program


file - Determine file type
mount - Mount a filesystem
Sleuthkit - Open source digital forensics
Wireshark - Network protocol analyzer
Rekall - Memory Analysis Framework


Your favourite scripting language (Python, Perl, Ruby, Bash, etc)
Pwntools - CTF framework and exploit development library

Misc / Recon

Google search
OSINT Framework - Information gathering from free tools
WIFI or Bluetooth SSID
Google Reverse Image Search
Google time-range feature
Wayback Machine - Internet Archive
BuiltWith - Find out what websites are built with