The final source code from the HoloLens Windows Store App and HoloLens Tutorial
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HoloLens Tutorial New Dev Stack.Editor.Plugins.csproj
HoloLens Tutorial New Dev Stack.Editor.csproj
HoloLens Tutorial New Dev Stack.Plugins.csproj
HoloLens Tutorial New Dev Stack.csproj
HoloLens Tutorial New Dev Stack.sln


This is the final source code for the HoloLens tutorial. This tutorial was originally created as a supplement to a 3 talk series I gave on HoloLens development, but has turned into a full tutorial on how to create a complete HoloLens App using all of the features of the HoloLens. I created this in response to the lack of one up to date source on how to use Visual Studio, Unity 3D, and the HoloToolkit to create a HoloLens application.

The App can be found in the Windows Store as Western Town

The Tutorial can be found at

I do not have the rights to distribute all of the parts used in this tutorial. The links can be found in the tutorial, or in the readme in the empty folder where they belong.