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Update install script to show that Debian Users may need to amend apache configuration files. #68

JonTheNiceGuy opened this Issue · 4 comments

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By default, this is in /etc/apache2/sites-available/000-default and needs to show AllowOverride Any instead of AllowOverride None for the web path.

Perhaps this can be detected by doing a get against localhost/basepath/some_url and see what you get back?


I'll tackle this - CFM installer will need to add a mime type for "text/cache-manifest" files for Application Cache and since this is web server specific it makes sense to solve this problem while I'm at it.


Willdo :)

@JonTheNiceGuy JonTheNiceGuy referenced this issue from a commit in JonTheNiceGuy/cfm2
@JonTheNiceGuy JonTheNiceGuy Added further configuration to detect whether the install script is c…
…hecking whether the .htaccess file worked. Also, while fixing this, removed unnecessary re-downloading of media files. Added an option to auto-answer "yes" on the install script - only really for build scripts!

Closes issue #68


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