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This is the code I'm developing for the new version of CampFireManager.

It is being developed on GitHub, as I would like to make it easy for people
to contribute to the project. Please feel free to have a dig about in here
and ask me any questions.



Apache (recommended - other HTTPd's not tested)
PHP >= 5.3
PHP5-gmp (Required for OpenID Logins)
PHP5-mysql or PHP5-sqlite (either will work, mysql is faster)
MySQL-Server (if you're using the MySQL plugin)


* Clone the git repository into a known directory (e.g. /var/www/)
* From the root of your git clone, do this command:
        git submodule update --recursive
* Get the latest stable version of smarty from here:
* Unpack that to /path/to/cfm2/ExternalLibraries/Smarty/Smarty-v.e.r/  
    * note; v.e.r should be the version number you've downloaded, and should be 
    a minimum of the version number listed in 
    /path/to/cfm2/ExternalLibraries/libraries.json. It will have the directories 
    libs and demo in that path.
* If you're using MySQL, create the database, user and password.
* Copy /path/to/cfm2/config/local.dist.php to /path/to/cfm2/config/local.php and
amend this file. Key lines to set are $RW_TYPE, $RW_BASE. If you're using MySQL
then you should also set $RW_USER and $RW_PASS.
* Copy or symlink /path/to/cfm2/_htaccess to /path/to/cfm2/.htaccess
* Now run

php /path/to/cfm2/initialize.php 

OR if you need demo data (for example you plan on running the unit tests or just
want some sample data to work with), you should run instead 

php /path/to/cfm2/initialize_with_demo_data.php 

You should be good to go now!
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