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City Chunks

A game I'm making in Unity that currently includes unlimited terrain generation.

Project Outline (Private)

Welcome to the City Chunks readme!

This Commit Version: v0.0.6

Unity Version: 2017.1.2f1

Installation / Setup

Executable versions are available here.

Unity can be downloaded from its website at (Free version is sufficient).

Open the Unity project in the corresponding version of Unity (Newer may work, but the versions described above are the latest tested versions). It may take a few minutes depending on your computer to open the project. Once open, open the Menu scene and click play in the Unity Editor.


Starting the game from an executable build:

  • Controls can be modified in the unity settings window in the "Input" tab.
  • Graphics quality and resolution can be modified here as well, in the other tab.

Starting the game from the Unity editor:

  • Click the play button, or press ctrl + p from either the Menu or Game scenes.
  • Game can also be exited by pressing ctrl + p.

Playing the game once in the menu:

  • Wait for the game to authenticate with the servers or if you are offline, click the Offline button.
  • Click on Create Room to create a game lobby.
  • Click Join on an available room that someone else created.

Default player controls are basic FPS controls:

  • WASD to move.
  • Shift to sprint.
  • Left Ctrl to crouch.
  • Space to jump.
  • Mouse movement to move camera.
  • V to switch between first and third person view.
  • Esc to open the menu.
  • T to open the chat.


The project is only regularly tested on Windows 10. Other OS's may be supported, but are not tested. If you have any issues using any OS, please leave a bug report detailing any errors and any information that may help us reproduce the issue. We will try to get to bugs, but there is no guarantee that we will be able to fix all of them.

The game is intended to run on most modern computers. If you are experiencing issues, first try lowering the graphics quality settings. If the performance is still causing problems, posting an issue with details from the Unity profiler and information about your computer hardware, may help us begin to help solve an issue. This is not a main focus but ensuring the game is playable is definitely a priority.

Any issues with the Unity specifically, should not be directed to us, but instead to the unity forums.

Copyright 2017 by Campbell Crowley. All Rights Reserved.

Contact Information:


A game I'm making in Unity that currently includes near unlimited terrain generation and multiplayer.




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