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Camping Care C# SDK

Connect to the system to get data. This could be park, accommodation, prices, availability, reservations, invoicing and contact data. Also you can create reservations, and contact.


To use the C# SDK, the following things are required:

  • Get yourself a free Account. No sign up costs.
  • Create a API key
  • Now you're ready to use the PHP API client in test mode.
  • C# .NET >= 4.5
  • Newtonsoft JSON Nuget Package


You can checkout or download all the files, and include the C# campingcare-csharp-sdk.dll manually to your (Visual Studio) References.

Getting started

Requiring the included autoloader. If you're using Composer, you can skip this step.

using campingcare;

Initializing the C# SDK, and setting your API key.

 campingcare_api camping_care = new campingcare_api();
 camping_care.set_api_key("YOUR API Key");

Getting park information.

var park = camping_care->get_park();

API documentation

If you wish to learn more about our API, please visit the Developer Portal. API Documentation is available in English.


BSD (Berkeley Software Distribution) License. Copyright (c) 2013-2017, Boekanders B.V.


Contact: — + 31 85 065 3614