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Our Mission: Planting the Campus Data flag

Different Website Concepts

  • Let people know we exist / that we are doing this at our schools
  • Showcase effective examples of Open Data (on campuses or otherwise)
Dialogue about Campus Data
  • We are starting a dialogue with others
  • Allow other members to contribute content to the site, and allow people to see what others are doing
  • People from other schools submit content through a form
Boilerplate / Quick Start Resources
  • Provide raw template code / action plans that can be used to demonstrate to local admin the value of open data
  • Write tutorials to make it easy for beginning programmers to get excited about working with APIs

Site Goals

  1. Convey our mission
  2. Who's involved
  3. How to join the community
  4. Examples of success
    • Stories of impact
    • APIs
  5. Links to resources (largely non-technical)
  6. Education / contribution
  7. Inspire people to read the guide

Problems we are trying to solve

  1. People don't know they can make an impact
  2. People don't know others are thinking about this issue
    • Students (chief focus)
    • University administrators
  3. Students aren't aware of the open data efforts happening at their schools

Ways to join the community

  1. ListServ
  2. Form

Testing site locally

This is a static site generated with Jekyll.

Clone this repository and run

    jekyll serve