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Contributing to CanCanCan

Reporting an Issue

  1. If you have any questions about CanCanCan, search the Wiki, use Stack Overflow, or our mailing list. Do not post questions here.

  2. If you find a security bug, DO NOT submit an issue here. Please send an e-mail to the current maintainer instead.

  3. Do a small search on the issues tracker before submitting your issue to see if it was already reported / fixed.

  4. Create your report including Rails and CanCanCan versions. If you are getting exceptions, please include the full backtrace.

That's it! The more information you give, the more easy it becomes for us to track it down and fix it. Ideal scenario would be adding the issue to CanCanCan test suite or to a sample application.

Adding new Features or Bugfixes

CanCanCan uses a git-flow development model. The latest "released" version of CanCanCan, the latest gem version, can always be found on master, while the next version or nightly is on develop.

Please make sure you have test coverage for anything you add or fix!

Please add a CHANGELOG entry with any relevant tags for issues, pull-requests, and authors.


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