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MM - Miner Manager

Miner Manager is a bitcoin task generator firmware that fit FPGA and faster mining machine

Main objectives

  • It is using stratum protocol
  • Generator the task inside FPGA. all Double-SHA256 was done by FPGA. far more faster then CPU
  • Test the nonce inside the FPGA. only report the >= DIFF taskes back to host (cgminer)
  • It fit any kinds of bitcoin mining ASIC, (you may needs some VerilogHDL coding)
  • It have LM32 CPU inside, fit in XC6SLX16 small FPGAs
  • The MM datasheet:

Directory structure

  • firmware: C code running in LatticeMico32 soft processor
  • ipcores_dir: IP cores
  • synth: Directory for synthesize and build of the hardware part
  • verilog: The VerilogHDL source code

How to build?

First you need install the ISE for sure. then edit the isedir under by default we are using /home/Xilinx/14.6/ISE_DS/

  1. $ make -C firmware/toolchain # Install the lm32-rtems-4.11- toolchain under /opt
  2. $ make -C firmware # Generate the final bitstream file .bit/.mcs under firmware/
  3. $ make -C firmware load # Load the config bit file to FPAG by using Xilix Platform cable



  • Avalon2 machine (105GHs, 315GHs)
  • Avalon3 machine (300GHs, 800GHs)
  • Avalon3 card (? GHs)


This is free and unencumbered public domain software. For more information, see or the accompanying UNLICENSE file.

Files under verilog/superkdf9/ have their own license (Lattice Semi- conductor Corporation Open Source License Agreement).

Some files may have their own license disclaim by the author.