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AvalonMiner 721 firmware downloads

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Table of Contents

Controller Firmware

Version 20170603

  • Download link Avalon Firmware - 20170603
  • CGMiner: Add factory info support
  • LuCI: Remove useless options
  • OpenWrt: Add AvalonMiner Controller Gen 2 support

Version 20170310

  • Download link: Avalon Firmware - 20170310
  • CGMiner: Bump to 4.10.0
  • CGMiner: Remove useless frequency mode (AVA7_FREQ_TEMPADJ_MODE and AVA7_FREQ_CUTOFF_MODE)
  • CGMiner: Update the default fan speed percentage
  • LuCI: Add more tips on CGMiner status page
  • mm-tools: Skip the invalid AUC when upgrade or reset MM

Version 20161229

  • Download link: Avalon Firmware - 20161229
  • CGMiner: Convert the avalon7 fan control to use a PID-like feedback mechanism for optimal fan speed and quasi-constant temperature
  • CGMiner: Use diff1 and diff rejected to calculate hashrate in avalon7 for a more stable displayed hashrate
  • CGMiner: Update nonce mask from 31 to 29
  • CGMiner: Add a new option voltage offset
  • CGMiner: Add nonce mask to API
  • CGMiner: Add voltage offset to API
  • CGMiner: Fix freeze in too hot mode
  • LuCI: Add voltage offset support
  • LuCI: Fix reboot issue
  • LuCI: Add a default stratum pool
  • OpenWrt: Bump version to 851a890647205e58363f391664696104a6608464
  • OpenWrt: Change cgminer monitor to test 3 minutely
  • OpenWrt: Add https support for wget

Version 20161121

  • Download link: Avalon Firmware - 20161121
  • CGMiner: Support Avalon Miner 721
  • CGMiner: Add VIN to API
  • CGMiner: Added connection overload detection and API entry
  • CGMiner: Fix display mm status when stratum pool is failed
  • CGMiner: Fix hashrate issue caused by overheat
  • CGMiner: Flush useless works when new block was found

Version 20161102

  • Download link: Avalon Firmware - 20161102
  • CGMiner: Fix work update for hash_work
  • CGMiner: Add fan ratio to status
  • CGMiner: Add temp max to status
  • CGMiner: Add WU for Avalon7 modulars
  • CGMiner: Add STRATUM_USER_AGENT macro for utils
  • CGMiner: Add reboot flag
  • CGMiner: Add AUC Temperautre to api status
  • CGMiner: Update the asic debug option
  • CGMiner: Update cgpu's temperature for Avalon7
  • CGMiner: Update DH for Avalon7
  • CGMiner: Update default params for Avalon7
  • LuCI: Fix wrong link
  • LuCI: Update fan range [0,100]
  • LuCI: Update Avalon Devices and Avalon Devices Status UI
  • LuCI: Minor update on Dashboard

Version 20161011

  • Download link: Avalon Firmware - 20161011
  • CGMiner: Add crc error status to API
  • CGMiner: Add ASIC status to API
  • CGMiner: Add frequency select support
  • CGMiner: Add 6 frequency settings support
  • CGMiner: Add smart speed settings support
  • CGMiner: Add PVT temperature support
  • CGMiner: Add nonce mask support
  • CGMiner: Remove ntime offset
  • CGMiner: Fix duplicate address when detect MM
  • CGMiner: Update the default frequency to 672:672:672:696:696:696
  • CGMiner: Update the default voltage to 4825
  • CGMiner: Update the default temperature(overheat: 105, target: 90)

Version 20160913

  • Download link Avalon Firmware - 20160913
  • Notice: Only for testing purpose
  • First controller's firmware for A711 (Avalon Firmware - 20160913)
  • Support Raspberry Pi 1,2,3

Next Testing

  • Notice: ONLY for testing purpose

Daily build

MM Firmware

Version 7211706-3162860

  • Download link 2017-06-03
  • Add factory info support
  • Add AvalonMiner Controller Gen 2 support

Version 7211703-a6ef750

  • Download link: 2017-03-10
  • Add separate reboot for miners
  • Reset the miner automatically when the miner works abnormally
  • Fix PVT_T pos error

Version 7211612-6cf14b0

  • Download link: 2016-12-30
  • Fix crc errors caused by stratum update
  • Add a new EC(CODE_HUFAILED)
  • Add a filter to temperature capture

Version 7211611-a574890

  • Download link: 2016-11-21
  • Add PG check support
  • Fix config and pll check
  • Update pwm controller

Version 7111610-810cba0

  • Download link 2016-10-31
  • First MM's firmware for A711/A721

Next Testing

  • Notice: ONLY for testing purpose

Daily build

PMU firmware

Version 7C1608-cf8875d0

  • Download link 2016-09-03
  • First PMU's firmware for A711

Next Testing

  • Notice: Only for testing purpose
  • Download link NEXT-TESTING

Daily build

Hash test Firmware

Version 7111610-5db2440

  • Download link 2016-10-28
  • Hash unit test firmware for A711
  • Update the core test voltage to 4903

Version 7111610-07c8000

  • Download link 2016-10-11
  • Hash unit test firmware for A711

Version 7111609-339fc70

  • Download link 2016-09-13
  • Hash unit test firmware for A711

Next Testing

  • Notice: Only for testing purpose
  • Hash unit test firmware for A721
  • Add repeat test when it's failed
  • Download link NEXT-TESTING
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