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VASCAN data issue submission guidelines

  1. Search for a similar issue to ensure your submissions is unique
  2. Title
    • create a title consisting of a one-line summary
  3. Body
    • succinct description of the issue including incorrect or missing data and what is expected
    • URL to the VASCAN page
    • authoritative source as text and a URL (if available)
    • [optional] link to publicly available content (eg Google Drive, Dropbox) in lieu of attachments

Example data issue

Title: Authority of synonym Populus balsamifera var. michauxii

Populus balsamifera var. michauxii (Dode) Henry should be Populus balsamifera var. michauxii (Dode) A.Henry

Vascan URL:

Authoritative source:
IPNI, Auguste Henry is the author

Remember all issues submitted on GitHub are public.

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