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Assets 2

This release is result of big rework and improvements. Almost 150 files have been corrected during 100 hour of developing and testing. Major innovations are:

  • All images of conventional, laser, alien and converted weapons have been improved
  • Some images of items and grenades have been corrected.
  • New type of weapon (melee weapon) has been implemented.
    There are knife, plasma blade, stun rod and a little surprise from a faraway distant galaxy - Laser Sword.
  • The snap shot was added for some weapons due reaction fire.
  • Prices, weights and sizes of weapons and items have been balanced.
  • Also, manufacturing requirements for converted weapons were balanced.
  • New cannon and launcher have been added to the converted weapons arsenal.
  • Research tree and manufacturing has been adapted due new weapons and items.
  • New cities have been added to the globe. Also, the regions of countries have been corrected.
  • Armor values have been corrected for all weapons and items.
  • Shooting distance of some weapons were balanced.
  • A few articles in UFOpedia were corrected.
  • Some mistakes have been corrected.