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Generating API Token for App Center

  1. Navigate to App Center and login with your account information.

    App Center

  2. On the top right corner of the App Center portal, click your account user name, then select Account Settings.

    Account Settings

  3. In the middle frame of the page, select API Tokens from the menu list.

    Middle Frame

  4. On the top right corner, click New API token.

    New API

  5. Provide a descriptive description, choose Full Access radio button and click Add new API token. A Full Access API token has all the permissions that the associated user has for that app.

    API Token

  6. This will generate a pop up with your API token. Copy and store it in a secure location for later use. For security reasons, you will not be able to see or generate the same token again after you click the Close button. Click Close to close the dialog.

    Copy token

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