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Sailfish OS build environment for Cancro.
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.hadk.env Current Sailfish version is Dec 16, 2017
.mersdk.profile Pry the kickstart file from the droid-local-repo packages Mar 19, 2018
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cancro_local_manifest.xml Change remote for droidmedia to CancroSailors Dec 15, 2017


A collection of scripts and functions to automate tasks while building Sailfish OS.

Review .hadk.env to make sure it suits your needs.


This script will Download and install mersdk and initialize it's environment with custom functions to automate tasks So, Backup your ~/.hadk.env , ~/.mersdk.profile, ~/.mersdkubu.profile, if you already have any.

The Additional bash functions it provides are:

  1) setup_ubuntuchroot: set up ubuntu chroot for painless building of android
  2) setup_repo: sets up repo tool in ubuntu chroot to fetch android/mer sources
  3) setup_obsenv: sets up a folder to use OBS
  4) fetch_sources: fetch android/mer sources
  5) setup_scratchbox: sets up a cross compilation toolchain to build mer packages
  6) test_scratchbox: tests the scratchbox toolchain.
  7) build_hybrishal: builds the hybris-hal needed to boot sailfishos for $DEVICE
  8) build_package PKG_PATH [spec files]: builds package at path specified by the spec files
  9) build_packages: builds packages needed to build the sailfishos rootfs of $DEVICE
  10) build_audioflingerglue: builds audioflingerglue packages for audio calls
  11) build_gstdroid: builds gstdroid for audio/video/camera support
  12) upload_packages: uploads droid-hal*, audioflingerglue, gstdroid* packages to nemo:devel:hw:$VENDOR:$DEVICE on OBS
  13) promote_packages: promote packages on OBS from nemo:devel:hw:$VENDOR:$DEVICE to nemo:testing:hw:$VENDOR:$DEVICE
  14) generate_kickstart [local/release]: generates a kickstart file with devel repos, needed to build rootfs. Specifying local/release will switch the OBS repos
  15) build_rootfs [releasename]: builds a sailfishos installer zip for $DEVICE
  16) serve_repo : starts a http server on local host. (which you can easily add to your device as ssu ar http://<ipaddr>:9000)
  17) update_sdk: Update the SDK target to the current stable version, if available.
  18) mer_man: Show this help

More info:

Thanks a ton to #saiflishos-porters on freenode

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