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FullMastery Alchemist

This is my entry for the Riot API Challenge April 2016 : https://developer.riotgames.com/discussion/announcements/show/eoq3tZd1


The goal of this Riot API Challenge is to work with the champion mastery API.

The application allows to create rooms which can be shared between players, giving them a collaborative board permanently up-to-date, thanks to websocket.

The purpose of the application is to suggest players the best line-up, considering their champion mastery points and highest grade.

The users may be able to use different filters to modify the suggestions to what they need :

  • Champion : select the champions to dismiss from the user suggestions

  • Position : select the lane to dismiss from the user suggestions

  • Bans : select the champions to dismiss from the global suggestions (ex: champions ban in draft mode)

  • Chest optimization : dismiss the champions that already won a Hextech chest this season

  • Lock champion/position : select a specific champion/position ignoring suggestion and adapting other users suggestions.

Live demo

Get in a room, share the URL to your mates and begin to create your best team composition!

How to use

The application runs on NodeJS, so you will need it.

The application requires also LeagueJS wrapper : https://github.com/claudiowilson/LeagueJS

As of May 2016, the wrapper was not up to date with the champion mastery API, so I included the files I changed to handle champion mastery API.

You will need to add your API key on top of fma.js.

You will need to change the base url of the angular app in the views/js/app.js.

You will need to change path to resources in the views/fma.html.