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Riot API library for Python and asyncio
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Simple library to use the Riot API with Python Asyncio.

Supports all endpoints except static data and the tournaments ones (and matchs by tournament code).

It has an efficient rate limiting system as well as an error handler that automatically resend request on when needed.

There is no cache implemented for now

The rate limit count is only kept while the script is alive

Currently supported requests :

  • champion masteries by summonerId -> getChampionMasteries(summonerId)
  • champion masteries by summonerId and championId -> getChampionMasteriesByChampionId(summonerId,championId)
  • champion masteries score by summonerId -> getChampionMasteriesScore(summonerId)
  • champion rotations -> getChampionRotations()
  • league by leagueId -> getLeagueById(leagueId)
  • league pages by queue, rank and tier -> getLeaguePage(queue, tier, division, page=1)
  • league position by summonerId -> getLeaguePosition(summonerId)
  • challenger league by queue (optional) -> getChallengerLeague(queue)
  • lol status -> getStatus()
  • master league by queue (optional) -> getMasterLeague(queue)
  • match by matchId -> getMatch(matchId)
  • match timeline by matchId -> getTimeline(matchId)
  • matchlist by accountId (with parameters) -> getMatchlist(self, accountId, params) / params={"queue":420,"season":11}
  • current game by summonerId -> getCurrentGame(summonerId)
  • summoner by summonerId -> getSummoner(summonerId)
  • summoner by accountId -> getSummonerByAccountId(accountId)
  • summoner by name -> getSummonerByName(name)
  • third party code by summonerId -> getThirdPartyCode(summonerId)
  • register provider -> registerProvider(region, callback_url, stub=False)
  • register tournament -> registerTournament(providerId, name, stub=False)
  • create tournament code -> createTournamentCode(tournamentId, data, nb_codes=1, stub=False)
  • get lobby events by tournament code -> getLobbyEvents(tournamentCode, stub=False)

Further requests supported and documentation (hopefully) incoming

To install, run

pip install pantheon
pip3 install pantheon

or you can download it and run

python install
python3 install

An example of usage to get details on the last 10 games :

from pantheon import pantheon
import asyncio

server = "euw1"
api_key = "RGAPI-XXXX"

def requestsLog(url, status, headers):

panth = pantheon.Pantheon(server, api_key, errorHandling=True, requestsLoggingFunction=requestsLog, debug=True)

async def getSummonerId(name):
        data = await panth.getSummonerByName(name)
        return (data['id'],data['accountId'])
    except Exception as e:

async def getRecentMatchlist(accountId):
        data = await panth.getMatchlist(accountId, params={"endIndex":10})
        return data
    except Exception as e:

async def getRecentMatches(accountId):
        matchlist = await getRecentMatchlist(accountId)
        tasks = [panth.getMatch(match['gameId']) for match in matchlist['matches']]
        return await asyncio.gather(*tasks)
    except Exception as e:

name = "Canisback"

loop = asyncio.get_event_loop()  

(summonerId, accountId) = loop.run_until_complete(getSummonerId(name))

Changelog :

  • 1.0.5 :

    • Updated League endpoints to match with current version
    • Added tournament endpoints (stub ones)
  • 1.0.4 :

    • Added 408 error code
  • 1.0.3 :

    • Updated for v4 endpoints
  • 1.0.2 :

    • Added new getChampionRotations endpoint support
    • Deleted getChampions and getChampionsById due to deprecation of corresponding endpoints
    • Fixed the getTimestamp function for the case when the Date header is missing
  • 1.0.1 :

    • Added a debug flag, while set at True, some messages will be printed, when the rate limiter make a request waiting because limit is reached, or when retrying after an error.
    • Added callback function for logging purpose.
    • Changed error 429 handling (rate limit) so it retries after the value sent in header
    • Added support for list in matchlist params (you can pass {"queue":[420,440]}
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