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# name: discourse-ubuntu-login
# about: Ubuntu SSO support for Discourse
# version: 1.0
# authors: Sam Saffron, Marco Ceppi, Gustavo Niemeyer
enabled_site_setting :ubuntu_login_enabled
auth_provider :title => 'with Ubuntu',
:enabled_setting => 'ubuntu_login_enabled',
:authenticator =>'ubuntu','', trusted: true),
:message => 'Authenticating with Ubuntu (make sure pop up blockers are not enabled)',
:frame_width => 1000, # the frame size used for the pop up window, overrides default
:frame_height => 800
register_css <<CSS
.btn-social.ubuntu {
background: #772953;
.btn-social.ubuntu:before {
font-family: Ubuntu;
content: url(;