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The Landscape Client is the agent which communicates with the Landscape service.
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== Non-root mode ==

The Landscape Client generally runs as a combination of the 'root' and 'landscape' users. It is possible to disable the administrative features of Landscape and run only the monitoring parts of it without using the 'root' user at all.

If you wish to use the Landscape Client in this way, it's recommended that you perform these steps immediately after installing the landscape-client package.

Edit /etc/default/landscape-client and add the following lines:

RUN=1 DAEMON_USER=landscape

Edit /etc/landscape/client.conf and add the following line:

monitor_only = true

Now you can run 'sudo landscape-config' as usual to complete the configuration of your client and register with the Landscape service.

== Developing ==

To run the full test suite, run the following command:

make check

When you want to test the landscape client manually without management features, you can simply run:

$ ./scripts/landscape-client

This defaults to the 'landscape-client.conf' configuration file.

When you want to test management features manually, you'll need to run as root. There's a configuration file 'root-client.conf' which specifies use of the system bus.

$ sudo ./scripts/landscape-client -c root-client.conf

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