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a single-spa plugin for svelte applications
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LICENSE initial pass to allow svelte 3 support May 13, 2019


Generic lifecycle hooks for Svelte applications that are registered as applications of single-spa.


In addition to this Readme, example usage of single-spa-svelte can be found in the single-spa-examples project.


First, in the single-spa application, run npm install --save single-spa-svelte. Then, create an entry file with the following.

import singleSpaSvelte from 'single-spa-svelte';
import myRootSvelteComponent from 'my-root-svelte-component.js';

const svelteLifecycles = singleSpaSvelte({
  component: myRootSvelteComponent,
  domElementGetter: () => document.getElementById('svelte-app'),
  data: { someData: 'data' }

export const bootstrap = [

export const mount = [

export const unmount = [


All options are passed to single-spa-svelte via the opts parameter when calling singleSpaSvelte(opts). The following options are available:

  • component: (required) The root component that will be rendered. This component should be compiled by svelte and not an iife.
  • domElementGetter: (required) A function which will return a dom element. The root component will be mounted in this element.

Svelte-specific options

  • anchor: (optional) A child of the dom element identified by domElementGetter to render the component immediately before
  • hydrate: (optional) See the svelte Creating a component documentation
  • intro: (optional) If true, will play transitions on initial render, rather than waiting for subsequent state changes
  • props: (optional) An object of properties to supply to the component
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