An attempt to make a starting point for making LoadTests for CD/CP pipelines
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Build Status - Project Status: Active – The project has reached a stable, usable state and is being actively developed. Known Vulnerabilities

HTTPLoadTest-Baseline is simple starting point for building LoadTests to be used for continuous deploy/continuous production QA pipelines. Baseline projects are meant to be a git clone starting point for for software which are expected to grow and flourish in different ways which are not easy to parameterize in early stages. It should be usable for quite a few settings, but is expected to grow in different directions. We would love to receive pull-request for enhancements both on current codebase and extensibility features.

Why another load-test OpenSource project? We think this is a reasonable question. There exist quite a few "full-fledged" alternatives. Our concern is that the uptake of those solutions are way below what the industry need, and this is an attempt to try to offer a different alternative which may or may not fulfill you needs/requirements. The main goal for this codebase is to simplify Companies efforts in ensuring that an agile or continuous investment into software development does not compromise the quality assurance processes on non-functional requirements, we have tried to focus on making the load-test QA process easily embedable to a Company's continuous CI/CD processes.

We have built HTTPLoadTest-Baseline on an underlaying cicuit-breaker framework called hystrix and timed execution blocks to avoid any blocking or dangeling HTTP requests and internal threads.

Coming from development backgrounds, we hope that a baseline you might contribute to, or just form and change to your requirements/needs might increase the quality of produces software by making it less "expensive" to add this type of quality processes into your software development process.

The process-flow of load-testing

The flow of LoadTest investments

A quick intro - getting started

sudo docker run -d -p 28086:8086  cantara/httploadtest-baseline
wget http://localhost:28086/HTTPLoadTest-baseline/health

Then open the simple UI in a web browser:

Quick overview of the key data concepts

The LoadTest data structures

A typical example of the result of a Benchmark Result


  "benchmark_req_90percentile_read_duration_ms" : "true",
  "benchmark_req_90percentile_write_duration_ms" : "true",
  "benchmark_req_95percentile_read_duration_ms" : "true",
  "benchmark_req_95percentile_write_duration_ms" : "true",
  "benchmark_req_99percentile_read_duration_ms" : "true",
  "benchmark_req_99percentile_write_duration_ms" : "false",
  "benchmark_req_mean_read_duration_ms" : "true",
  "benchmark_req_mean_write_duration_ms" : "true",
  "benchmark_req_sucessrate_percent" : "true",
  "isBenchmarkPassed" : "false",
  "runstatus" : "fail",
  "stats_o_deviations" : "0",
  "stats_o_failures" : "0",
  "stats_o_results" : "0",
  "stats_o_success" : "0",
  "stats_r_deviations" : "0",
  "stats_r_duration_ms" : "228282",
  "stats_r_failures" : "0",
  "stats_r_mean_success_ms" : "108",
  "stats_r_median_success_ms" : "80",
  "stats_r_ninety_percentine_success_ms" : "204",
  "stats_r_ninetyfive_percentine_success_ms" : "277",
  "stats_r_ninetynine_percentine_success_ms" : "748",
  "stats_r_results" : "2110",
  "stats_r_success" : "2110",
  "stats_t_deviations" : "0",
  "stats_t_failures" : "0",
  "stats_t_results" : "2300",
  "stats_t_success" : "2300",
  "stats_total_successrate" : "100",
  "stats_w_deviations" : "0",
  "stats_w_duration_ms" : "52139",
  "stats_w_failures" : "0",
  "stats_w_mean_success_ms" : "274",
  "stats_w_median_success_ms" : "221",
  "stats_w_ninety_percentine_success_ms" : "446",
  "stats_w_ninetyfive_percentine_success_ms" : "893",
  "stats_w_ninetynine_percentine_success_ms" : "1307",
  "stats_w_results" : "190",
  "stats_w_success" : "190",
  "timestamp" : "1516966252860"

Example-oriented documentation to get familiar with the application

Since the main goal for this codebase is to simplify Companies efforts in ensuring that an agile or continous investment into software development does not compromise the quality assurance processes on non-functional requirements, we have tried to focus on making the load-test QA process easily embeddable to a Company's continous CI/CD processes. This means that the application have two modi:

  • a) an exploration modi - where you (as in any normal QA process, can analyze the load-characteristics of your application (load-limits, behaviour with excessive load, endurance charasteristics under high load and the like)

  • b) easily add the baseline characteristics as benchmarks to the deployment QA pipelines and detect when changes break the expectations.

  • Example walk-through of HTTPLoadTest

Development and Contribution

HTTPLoadTest-baseline is still in its early days, but has already proven to be very useful in many sitiuations. We encourage you to take it for a spin. If you fork the codebase and use it as a starting poing for making your specialized version or want to contribute to the baseline codebase is up to you. We love feedback, so please tell us what you think and do not be afraid to use the github issues to flag bugs or new feature requests. We also love comitters and pull-request, so don't be shy...

Quick build and verify

mvn clean install
java -jar target/HTTPLoadTest-baseline-<version>-SNAPSHOT.jar
wget http://localhost:8086/HTTPLoadTest-baseline/health
wget http://localhost:8086/HTTPLoadTest-baseline/config                      // UI to configure a loadTest Run
wget http://localhost:8086/HTTPLoadTest-baseline/loadTest/status             // return latest loadTests with status
wget http://localhost:8086/HTTPLoadTest-baseline/loadTest/stop               // stop all loadTests
wget http://localhost:8086/HTTPLoadTest-baseline/loadTest/fullstatus         // return alle the loadTest results in json
wget http://localhost:8086/HTTPLoadTest-baseline/loadTest/fullstatus_csv     // return alle the loadTest results in csv
wget -o result.txt http://localhost:28086/HTTPLoadTest-baseline/loadTest/runstatus  // runstatus against loadtestbenchmark status
## To download results from earlier test-runs, use /health to find the name of the test-run, and 
wget http://localhost:8086/HTTPLoadTest-baseline/loadTest/fullstatus_csv?test_id=HTTPLOadTest-Health_1516003617097.csv
wget http://localhost:8086/HTTPLoadTest-baseline/loadTest/fullstatus?test_id=HTTPLOadTest-Health_1516003617097.json
## Upload a zip-file with specifications
curl -F ";" http://localhost:8086/HTTPLoadTest-baseline/loadTest/zip
  • version=0.47.2

Open in browser:

Work-in-progress - nice vizualisation of running loadtests

Since the main use meant for HTTPLoadTest is in automated QA pipelines, we have initially not spent much effort in nice WebUI and result visualization. We hope to address this shortcoming some time in the future and will be glad for any helping hands.

Example Visualization

Ugly UI whiteboard mockup


Maven fails

> mvn -version
Requires Java 8
> export JAVA_HOME=/usr/lib/jvm/java-8-openjdk-amd64/
> mvn clean install