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Cantera was originally developed by Dave Goodwin, with its first public release
in 2001. Since then, many people have contributed to Cantera. Below is a
partial, alphabetical list of developers and contributors to Cantera over the
years. If you've been left off, please report the omission on the Github issue
Emil Atz
Philip Berndt
Tilman Bremer
Victor Brunini, Sandia National Laboratory
Bang-Shiuh Chen, Purdue University
Ryan Crisanti
Nicholas Curtis
Steven DeCaluwe, Colorado School of Mines
Vishesh Devgan
Thomas Fiala, Technische Universität München
David Fronczek
Matteo Giani
Dave Goodwin, California Institute of Technology
John Hewson, Sandia National Laboratory
Trevor Hickey
Yuanjie Jiang
Jon Kristofer
Kyle Linevitch, Jr.
Christopher Leuth
Nicholas Malaya, University of Texas at Austin
Evan McCorkle
Ivan Mitrichev, Mendeleev University of Chemical Technology of Russia
Harry Moffat, Sandia National Laboratory
Christopher Neal
Kyle Niemeyer, Oregon State University
Andreas Rücker
Jeff Santner
Santosh Shanbhogue, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
David Sondak
Raymond Speth, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Bryan Weber, University of Connecticut
Armin Wehrfritz