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SenseTemp with CircuitPython

Designed by Capable Robot Components.
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SenseTemp is currently in-pre launch on CrowdSupply. You can sign up on the campaign page for project update.

During the 2018 Hackaday Supercon, Adafruit donated HalloWing badges to the attendees and I wrote the CiruitPython code released here, which graphs temperatures from SenseTemp on the HalloWing LCD.

Hallowing displaying temperature data from SenseTemp SenseTemp installed into HalloWing Feather socket
HalloWing showing a time-history graph of the four temperature sensors. Vertical scale is 60F to 100F. Rear of HallowWing, showing SenseTemp board installed

The full code is in, which should be renamed so that it is auto-run by CircuitPython.

The main part of the display routine is shown here:

## Determine vertical position for the temperature sample
def f_to_px(value):
    if value < TEMP_MIN:
        return 0

    if value > TEMP_MAX:
        return DISPLAY_PX-1

    px = (value - TEMP_MIN) * DISPLAY_PX / (TEMP_MAX - TEMP_MIN)
    return int(px)

## Re-draw the grid data at this position
def draw_grid_at_position(position):
    ## Clear all samples at this X position.
    display.vline(position, 0, DISPLAY_PX, color565(0,0,0))

    ## Draw white grid lines at this X position
    ## to re-create the temperature scale
    for value in temp_grid:
        y = f_to_px(value)
        display.pixel(position, y, color565(255,255,255))

## Stores the last PX position for each temperature value
## this allows code to determine if new sample should be
## drawing with a point, or a line
last_px = [0,0,0,0]

def draw_temps_graph(position, data):

    for idx,value in enumerate(data):
        y     = f_to_px(c_to_f(value))
        dy    = abs(y - last_px[idx])
        color = color565(*COLORMAP[idx])

        if dy > 1:
            ypos = min(y, last_px[idx])
            display.vline(position, ypos, dy, color)
            display.pixel(position, y, color)

        last_px[idx] = y

## Draw horizontal lines as a temperature scale
for value in temp_grid:
    y = f_to_px(value)
    display.hline(0, y, DISPLAY_PX, color565(255,255,255))

## Start on the left side of the screen
position = DISPLAY_PX

## Advance to the next PX position, read temperature data, draw it
while True:
    position -= 1

    data = [sensor.temperature for sensor in sensors]
    draw_temps_graph(position, data)

    ## We're at the end of the display, go back to the left side
    if position <= 0:
        position = DISPLAY_PX

Nearly any Feather Host running CircuitPython will support SenseTemp. The only exception known to date is the ESP8266 Host as it does not have enough IO pins for the 4 SPI chip select pins.