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OSHW Mark Generator

This web service was created by Capable Robot Components to simplify the generation of OSHW marks, after certification is complete. Certification process information is available on the OSHWA Website.

If you have suggestions on how to make this tool more useful, please create an issue in this GitHub repo, or email us at

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The service is available at

Web Service Screenshot

After entering your certification's two digit country code and number, the service will generate PDF or PNG versions of the OSHW Mark.

Example Mark

The service does not use cookies and no tracking of usage is enabled. The service is hosted on Heroku and here is their privacy policy.

Heroku Notes

PNG creation requires a newer version of ImageMagick than is installed on Heroku. To upgrade from 6.9.7 to 7.0.5, run:

heroku buildpacks:add --index 1
git push heroku master

The first deployment after this command will take a while as ImageMagick will be downloaded and installed. Later deploys will use a cached copy. This ImageMagick buildpack builds without WMF, DJVU, GVC, autotrace, etc.


The OSHW Certification Logo (or Mark) is trademarked by the OSHWA. There is more information about why and what that means on the OSHWA website.

The typeface is Deja Vu Sans Mono, which is freely licensed and available at

The source code for this webservice is MIT Licensed.


Webservice to generate OSHW Marks




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