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Clang Power Tools configuration file (SAMPLE)
Using cpt.config you can specify configuration options for ClangPowerTools,
allowing your entire team to share a single CPT configuration.
This file just has to be put in your codebase directory hierarchy's top level and
it'll be automatically picked up.
All clang-build.ps1 parameters are accepted, either full name or alias, as XML elements.
<clang-flags> "-Werror"
, "-Wall"
, "-fms-compatibility-version=19.10"
, "-Wmicrosoft"
, "-Wno-invalid-token-paste"
, "-Wno-unknown-pragmas"
, "-Wno-unused-value"
'vs-sku' tells ClangPowerTools to use a specific Visual Studio edition.
If you do not specify the 'vs-sku' parameter then ClangPowerTools will use
the first detected edition by vswhere.
<!-- <vs-sku>'Professional'</vs-sku> -->
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