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Image Creation

A custom image can be created as follows:

  1. Go to looci2-contiki/cmp_image
  2. Run lcco createImg newImageName
  3. Edit makefile.image and replace blink with the appropriate component name(s). Set the component directory name and add the source files.
  4. Edit Image-conf.h and include the appropriate h-files.
  5. Edit image-init.c and update the init to the code below with the appropriate component name.
uint8_t	cbid = 0;
PRINT_LN("instantiated as: %u",cbid);

Image Deployment

  1. Go to looci2-contiki/build and open Makefile.options
  2. Set your node id at line 15
  3. Update your channel at line 23
  4. Specify the image at line 37
  5. Chance your current directory to looci2-contiki/build and run
  6. Symlink the changed event-types.h in the looci2-contiki/build to the one in our build folder.
make clean; make upload