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Docker Stars Docker Pulls

Docker Image for CookieCutter guidelines. Allows you to generate your first directories for CapiTainS guidelines as well as a skeletton for your XML.

Docker basics commands and vocabulary

  • Image : A docker image is a skeletton for running software without having to install anything except docker. It's a specific state of a container.
  • Container : A container is an instance, a running application, of a docker image.
  • Local Build of the image (advanced users only)
    • User docker build . in this directory

Creating a container

Before starting

  • Replace /path/to/ by your own absolute path to given directory.
  • If you used a local build, save the hash given at the end of the build (such as 475d347abade). If you do not understand this sentence, do not worry, docker will download the latest version of the source image.


  • First run docker run -i --name cookiecutter-guidelines -v /path/to/work/folder:/code capitains/cookiecutter-guideline:latest will run and pull the docker instance
    • -v /first/path:/second/path creates a data volumes and forwards /first/path (on your machine) to /second/path (on the docker container). We use it to save the output on your host machine
    • --name cookiecutter-guidelines names your cookiecutter-guidelines capitains. If you want to have multiple containers, change the name.
  • Second run docker run -i --name cookiecutter-guidelines