ILEA = Interactive learning Experience Application
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ILEA = Interactive learning Experience Application.

Design of ILEA

ILEA is an fully interactive, multi-platform learning tool used to test one’s knowledge in Autism and the impact of Autism Ontario. The design of ILEA is built on multiple platforms and sync up to a database, which is controlled by an admin (via Admin panel) who deletes and modifies the Questions/Answers

Current Features

Light-weight web application built via JS. Light-weight Android Application Fully functional login/ admin panel for db modifications


Engaging users: This tool is used to engage various of users in different age groups and captures their attention and tests their knowledge.

Gathering data: The tool takes users responses anonymously and adds them to the database to create a report on how well versered users regarding autism in general.

Web Application

The web application is made of pure JS, the reason the application itself uses JS because it does not use any server resources. Our goal is not to make this application hard to use and put charity web host in stress. Therefore;��The server will have a cron job which will update a json file that gets information from the Database everyday, which is used by the web application to generate Q/A for the users. These information gets sent back to the database for report generation.��The questions are randomly chosen from a set, therefore the sets will be different. At the end of the quiz, users are presented with list of questions that they have gotten wrong and correct facts are given.

Native Application

The Android application itself is made natively with Java and Android Studio. Just like the web application ,it uses the Database and generates Q/A response to the user. ��The purpose of this application is not to engage current users but rather capture the mobile audience.

Admin Console

The admin console itself is made using only php and MySQL. The purpose of the console is for admin to log into the console and delete or create new knowledges that are used as questions in the applications.��The console itself is also used to generate reports on how well users are doing on their Q/A and such implantation are easily modulable as the console itself is very modular.