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Accessing Raw Data Remotely (v13 and below)

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This list may not always be fully up to date. The JSON data is pretty self-explanitory so always refer to a live LinkMeter system for the most up-to-date parameter information.


LinkMeter includes support for autodiscovery of devices via the ZeroConf/mDNS/DNS-SD (Bonjour/Avahi) protocol. The service is advertised as an _http._tcp (Web Site) service with the name LinkMeter BBQ Controller on %h where %h is the hostname. The txt record contains a path key which is the URI of the LinkMeter webpage (always /luci/lm for now).

Current Status

The current status (probe temperatures, etc) in JSON format can be fetched from the /luci/lm/hmstatus URI.

      "n":"Probe 0",
Field Example Description
time 1405429467 Current time (hopefully in UTC) in UNIX timestamp format (example is Tue, 15 Jul 2014 13:04:27 UTC). Might be incorrect if device has no Internet access.
set 65 PID Set Point (can be C or F but doesn't specify)
lid 38 Lid Open countdown timer. Number of seconds remaining in lid mode or 0 if lid mode is off
fan.c 0 Current PID output percentage
fan.a 13 Average PID output percentage over last few minutes
fan.f 10 Current fan output percentage (restricted by min/max fan speed)
adc[] 0,0,0,0,0,3 ADC noise range indicator. Probe 0 is adc[5], Probe 1 is adc[4], etc. May be absent if not supported.
temps[X].n Probe 0 Name assigned to probe
temps[X].c 78.6 Current probe temperature
temps[X].dph 1.3 Degrees per hour calculated (least squares linear fit). May be null if not enough data, or missing if not supported
temps[X].a.l -40 Probe alarm low trigger. Negative numbers indicate alarm is disabled
temps[X].a.h 200 Probe alarm high trigger. Negative numbers indicate alarm is disabled
temps[X].a.r null Probe alarm ringing. "L" or "H" if the alarm is currently triggered or null if no alarm ringing
temps[X].rf.s 1 Assigned RF node signal strength 0-3. The RF object is not present if the probe is not of type "RF"
temps[X].rf.b 0 Assigned RF node battery low (0=OK, 1=Low). The RF object is not present if the probe is not of type "RF"

Streaming Status

The current status can also be streamed using the HTTP server-sent events protocol from the URI /luci/lm/stream. Updates are sent with between 1 and 5 seconds, depending on changes in the data.


event: hmstatus
data: {"time":1405429467,"set":65,"lid":38,...}

event: hmstatus
data: {"time":1405429469,"set":65,"lid":36,...}

event: hmstatus
data: {"time":1405429471,"set":65,"lid":34,...}
Event Description
hmstatus Current Status update
log Debugging log message
alarm Alarm was just triggered
peaks Last high and low Pit peaks
pidint PID internals dump enabled by the user

Historical Data

Graph data is in CSV format and is accessible from the URI /luci/lm/hist. The fields are UNIX timestamp, Setpoint, Probe 0, Probe 1, Probe 2, Probe 3, Lid Open. Probe fields can be "nan" if no probe was inserted at the time. Requesting the data with no parameters will autoscale and return the best range of data to fit the amount stored in the database. Adding the nancnt=X parameter to the query can adjust the range.

nancnt Range
460 1 hour
360 6 hours
240 12 hours
0 24 hours

Changing Settings

Changing parameters (such as the setpoint) requires a valid login session. To log in, pass a valid username=X and password=X as parameters to any secure URI. The web server will return the cookie "sysauth" which must be used for subsequent access. The URL returned will also contain an "stok" token which must be inserted into requested secure URIs.

POST /luci/admin/lm HTTP/1.1


HTTP/1.1 200 OK
Set-Cookie:sysauth=9b735437932ce9486dccc6345ec18a0b; path=/luci/;stok=fc9434a4f4c06b0ecd73486cc1eb1e29

In the above example, secure URIs can now be accessed using the sysauth and stok pair

POST /luci/;stok=fc9434a4f4c06b0ecd73486cc1eb1e29/admin/lm/set HTTP/1.1
Cookie: sysauth=9b735437932ce9486dccc6345ec18a0b;


For a list of URLs and settable parameters see, URLs and Commands

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