Blower and Servo Wiring

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The HeaterMeter output is a standard RJ45 connector. This interface was chosen due to the ubiquity of cables which fit into this jack. Wiring a blower and optional servo connection can be done with virtually any ethernet or phone cable.



The center two wires are +12V Blower and Ground, so this connection can be made with a 2 conductor phone cord, 4 conductor phone cord, or ethernet cable. On a standard ethernet cable the center wires are always blue and blue/white. To attach the blower, just cut one end off the cable and connect what were the center two wires to the blower's red (+12V) and black (Ground) wires. If you have a third blue wire on your fan (RPM sense) just cut it off as HeaterMeter does not provide RPM monitoring. A little heatshrink tubing makes a really nice connection.


The next outer pair of wires are for the servo, and requires at least 4 wires in your cable (4 conductor phone cord or ethernet cable). One is +5V (Red on the servo side) the other is the servo signal (White, Yellow, or Orange on the servo side). Ground (Black or Brown on the servo side) should be split off from the blower ground. The color of these wires on an ethernet cable vary depending on which type of cable you have. On a straight-through ethernet cable they'll be orange and orange/white. On a crossover cable it varies depending on which end you're looking at. All that is needed is to match the color going into the RJ45 on the HeaterMeter.

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