HeaterMeter Operation

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Home Status Screen

While on the home status screen, the top line of the LCD contains the pit temperature and fan speed. The bottom line rotates between active food probes and the HeaterMeter internal temperature probe. While in Automatic Control Mode, the Up and Down buttons will quickly scroll the bottom line between probes without havting to wait for them to rotate automatically.

Press the Right button to enter the menu system. Press the Left button to manually enter "Lid Open" mode.

Menu System

Press the Right button to advance through the menus. The Left button will take to back to the Home Status Screen, and the Up and Down buttons to change the options.

Set Point - The temperature that will be maintained by the automatic control mode. Changing the set point will put your HeaterMeter into automatic control mode. Manual Fan Mode - Allows you to set the fan speed manually, rather than having HeaterMeter maintain temperature and adjust the fan speed as necessary. While operating in automatic fan mode, the fan speed on the Home Status Screen is contained in brackets [ ]. When in manual fan mode, the fan speed is contained between v's and can be adjusted upsing the Up (+5%), Down (-5%), and Left (-1%) buttons. Max Fan Speed - By default, HeaterMeter will adjust the fan speed between 0% and 100%. If you'd like to limit the maximum fan speed which is set automatically, it can be done here. This can be used if a large amount of ash has accumulated in the grill and the fan is blowing it to the grill area. Probe Offset - Calibrate your probes by putting them in boiling water and using probe offset to set them to read 212F. Lid Open Offset - While temperature is being automatically maintained, if the temperature drops this percent from the Set Point, HeaterMeter will automatically enter Lid Open mode. For example, if the Lid Open Offset is 6% and the Set Point is 250F, Lid Open mode will automatically be triggered below 235F. Lid Open Duration - The duration of the manual or automatic Lid Open delay. Reset Config - Reset HeaterMeter to its default configuration.

Lid Open Mode

When opening the lid on the grill, the temperature will drop and HeaterMeter will ramp the fan speed up to compensate. This will create a temperature overshoot once the lid is closed again. To avoid this, when HeaterMeter detects that temperature drop when the lid has opened, it will stop the fan and suspend fan speed control. Lid Open mode will continue for a preset time OR until the temerature has returned to the set point. While in Lid Open mode, the Home Status Screen will show LidXXX where the fan speed normally is. This timer will count down the time remaining in Lid Open mode. The duration of this mode or the temperature drop trigger can be configured in the menu.

Lid open mode may also be manually triggered by pressing the Left button from the Home Status Screen at any time the pit temperature is below the set point. (This is because Lid Open mode ends once the pit temperature returns to the set point). Lid Open mode may also be canceled by pressing the Left button again during the countdown, but it is generally not necessary to manually exit this mode unless it was entered accidentally.

Low Fan Speed (below 10%)

When operating in automatic mode at fan speeds below 10%, the fan will run in a partial duty cycle. The fan will run one second out of every ten for each percent required. This special low speed mode extends the life of the fan and reduces noise. The 10% threshold can be changed via the "minimum fan speed" setting.

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