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What port do I need to forward to access the web site from outside my network?

80 (http, no encryption) or 443 (https, encrypted)

What other ports are accessible on the LinkMeter OpenWrt firmware?

Don't open holes in your firewall for all of these! To access the web site only port 80 or port 443 is needed.

  • TCP
    • 22 - SSH (only once a password has been set)
    • 23 - Telnet (only before a password has been set)
    • 80 - http (web server)
    • 443 - https (secure web server with self-signed certificate)
  • UDP
    • 5353 - mDNS (Bonjour service discovery)

My ISP doesn't allow incoming connections on port 80 / 443, how do I change the port in HeaterMeter?

It is recommended to not change the HTTP listening port on the HeaterMeter. The best way to circumvent ISPs blocking one of these ports is when setting up the port forwarding at the router, set the 'external port' to a random value (1025-65535, e.g. 2080) and the 'internal port' to 80 or 443. HeaterMeter would then be accessed with http://externalname:port/ or https://externalname:port/ instead of just http://externalname/.

The listening port for the web server can be changed if desired though, through the webui Services -> uHTTPd -> HTTP[S] listeners. It is suggested to simply add additional listening ports rather than replacing the existing values. Doing so will still allow local access (from the same LAN) on the standard ports, which can be advantageous if the additional random port number is forgotten.

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